Equipment Sales

Equipment Sales

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VPD’s first installed module was a 35 Watt Arco in 1983!  In 2005 this Evergreen 110 watt module was a “big” module.  Now a 240 Watt module is considered on the small side.

One of the nice things about working in the solar industry so long is having all the great relationships with suppliers, distributors and manufacturers.

Though the landscape has changed greatly since the days when everyone in the industry knew everyone, I still enjoy highly preferred pricing based on my reputation and long term volume.  I can often get high volume wholesale pricing even on low volume purchases.  And I’m glad to pass a good deal of that on to you so that everyone comes out happy.

I especially enjoy providing really low prices on equipment to projects for the public good – especially for ecovillages, cohousing communities, sustainability projects and the like. It’s my pleasure to make sure good people doing good work in the world get the best when it comes to renewable energy equipment and design and at a price that honors the work you do.  

I also offer pre-engineered off-grid or grid-tie packages complete with system design, permitting drawings, full documentation and installation labeling.

One of the most popular custom kits I provide is a back-up system that enables your existing grid-tie system to work when the grid goes down.  Give me a call for a quote that matches your system.  413-559-9763 

Here are the great products I’ve personally installed and stand behind.  All can be drop shipped directly to your door or project site.