Bid Specification & Commissioning

Bid Specification, Design Review & Commissioning

Village Power Design provides professional bid specification services,  design review and commissioning services to end-users and contractors for systems ranging from 10 KW to 1 MW.

By providing 3rd party verification of the design, installation, and initial monitoring of your system you ensure that your investment is fully protected during every step of the way.   Involving a commissioning agent right from the start is a wise and very modest insurance policy for your PV system installation.  It is required by many incentive programs but when it is not – it is still an excellent idea.

VPD’s Project Services include:

  • Bid Solicitation Design Specification or Review
  • Preliminary Design Feasibility Studies
  • Design Due Diligence & Verification
  • Performance Estimation Verification
  • Installation Plan Review
  • Installation Quality Assurance
  • Pre-Startup Readiness & Safety Verification
  • Monitoring System Calibration
  • Establish  Post Startup Baseline Performance Data

Call us and we’ll discuss what might be appropriate for your project.

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