Grid Tied Solar Systems

Grid-Tie Solar System Design, Tech Support and Equipment Packages 

If you are wanting to install a grid-tied solar electric system for your home, farm, ranch, resort or small business, I can provide a complete custom design, documentation and equipment package tailored to your home or buildings, electrical needs and budget.  I have designed and installed or supervised installation of over 200 systems ranging from 0-400 KWs.  I have also provided preliminary design and feasibility studies and/or commissioned systems up to 2 MWs.  My total design and/or installed system total is now over 5 MWs.

Back-up Power Kits for Existing Grid-Tied Systems

I can also provide custom designed design, tech support and equipment packages for transforming grid-tied only systems into systems with backup power.  These systems utilize an off-grid inverter and a small battery bank that empowers your grid-tied system to operate when the grid is down.  Essentially it “tricks” your existing grid-tied system to think it is on the grid – giving you the best of both worlds in high efficiency grid-tied equipment that is activated to power your house even when the grid is down.

Installation Options

In both cases – new grid-tied systems – or backup power kits for existing systems – I can work with you or a local electrician to ensure the system is installed correctly by providing full documentation, drawings, permit package and technical support.

And if you or the local electrician wants to start a local solar installation business then I can help him or her get established – see Business Support Services.

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