Solar Business Support

Business Support for Solar & Energy Startups

  • Are you an electrician thinking that you would like to get into installing solar grid-tie systems?
  • Are you a new solar start-up wanting to lower your learning curve?
  • Are you a businessman that wants to invest in a solar startup but lacks the technical expertise in your team?
  • Are you homesteader that’s lived off-grid and are thinking you could start-up a local business installing and or servicing off-grid systems?

I offer the following solar business support services:

  1. Design and Tech Support
  2. Access to Wholesale Pricing & long-standing Distributor Relationships.
  3. Technical Drawings,  Permit Packets and pre-commissioning installation quality assurance.

I have helped numerous trades people and business people start up local solar businesses.  Often I will be providing design, equipment or tech support for an installation and while working with the local electrician we see the power of combining his or her local reputation with my experience, design expertise and access to my wholesale pricing and long-standing distributor relationships.  With my technical backup the electrician can begin immediately advertising they offer solar and when they land their first jobs – I can travel to assist in the install and teach them the ropes.  I then provide on-going technical support, drawings and advice until they can fly on their own.  If this interests you give me a call.  413-559-9763